Also known as Mahi Mahi, the Dolphin is one of Florida’s most popular fish species and is one of our specialties. Enjoy a day of sunshine and tropical landscapes as you cruise around South Florida in a fishing charter with a small group.

We have great success fishing a good distance offshore and commonly use methods such as off shore trolling, running at 6–8 knots with 4 to 5 baits on the surface.

We constantly keep an eye out for debris on the water’s surface, such as seaweed patches, shipping debris, or even a single piece of floating wood. Mahi Mahi tend to both hide and hunt near debris as it offers shade and security to both them and their prey.

Mahi Mahi tend to run in schools when off-shore, and usually where we find one Mahi Mahi, we find a group. When we find a group of Dolphin, we stop the boat and bring in the trolling lines so customers can cast spinning rods and lighter tackle, which is where the fun really begins. When in a school of Mahi Mahi, live bait such as pilchards, goggle-eyes and blue runners provide the best results. When not using live bait, we use chunks of bait to chum the water and keep the Dolphin interested.

Good Hit Sport Fishing is a great option for catching mahi mahi in Fort Lauderdale. They offer half-day and full-day charters, and their experienced captains know where to find the fish. Mahi mahi are a popular game fish, and they can be caught by trolling, casting, or jigging. The best time to catch mahi mahi in Fort Lauderdale is during the summer months, when the water is warm. However, they can be caught year-round. The fish typically travel in schools, and they can be found near the surface of the water. In the fall, the Mahi tend to move closer to shore in search of the ballyhoo that congregate offshore during the fall.

Good Hit Sport Fishing uses a variety of techniques to catch mahi mahi, including trolling, casting, and jigging. Trolling is a popular method for catching mahi mahi, and it involves using bait or lures that are trailed behind the boat. Casting is another effective method, and it involves casting a lure or bait into the water and retrieving it. Jigging is a method of fishing that involves using a weighted lure that is jerked up and down in the water.

No matter what method is used, it is important to have the right equipment. Good Hit Sport Fishing provides all of the necessary equipment, including rods, reels, bait, and lures. If you are looking for a great way to catch mahi mahi in Fort Lauderdale, Good Hit Sport Fishing is the perfect option for you. We offer experienced captains, a variety of fishing techniques, and all of the necessary equipment.

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